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Final for Interactive Scripting

The Assignment

  1. Use FantasyNameGenerators.com (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to create a list of 30 ranged weapon names.
  2. Create a weapon spawner that pulls item names randomly from that list. The spawner should create a weapon when the player walks near to it and the weapon should fall to the ground. 
  3. The player can only hold one weapon at a time, picking up with 'E' or similar and dropping with 'Q' or similar.
  4. Each weapon should shoot 1 of 4 projectiles, fire, water, earth, or air. Each weapon should have between 10 and 20 shots before it is empty and must be discarded, again falling to the ground.
  5. You need to have enemies spawn in to the level at random positions with immunities to 2 of the possible elements - forcing the player to find the correct weapon to defeat them with.
  6. Create a game that can be won or lost, with UI to explain to the player controls, player health (3-5 hits before game over) and player score (either time or number of enemies killed). Player should win after a set number of enemies, aim for a 1-minute experience.

You are welcome to add as much as you want beyond the requirements, such as making empty guns destroy themselves, NavMeshAgents, or adding sound.


DeepSpacePanic.zip 78 MB

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