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The Assignment

  • Create a plane 50 meters x  50 meters (scale of 5, 5, 5)
  • Create an enemy cube and a player cube on opposite ends of the plane, floating 0.5 meters off the ground
  • Add color to improve visibility
  • Create a script for Ctrl-R to restart, Escape to Quit
  • Create an enemy cube that always looks at the player and moves towards the player at 2 meters/second
  • Create a spawner that creates new enemies at one end of the level every 3 seconds
  • Create a spawner that creates randomly colored cubes with rigidbodies in random positions above the plane - these will rain down once every 2 seconds
  • Player moves at 4 meters/second and sprint doubles that amount
  • Bullets should be destroyed after 3 seconds
  • Create movement for the player’s cube - forward/back, left/right, shoot, and sprint
  • Add the ability for the player to shoot projectiles at the enemies, with a timer to limit the firing rate.
  • Add UI to display the number of enemies killed, enemies currently on-screen, and bullets shot.
  • Add functionality for the enemy to destroy the player if they touch, and for the player’s bullets to destroy the enemy if they touch.
  • Add health to the player so that they can be hit 3 times before death and add that to the UI as well.


IS midterm.zip 195 MB
eleeIS midterm.zip 27 MB

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