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Super Asteroids Continued

The Assignment

  1. Create a new script on the Bullet prefab to control what happens when the bullet runs into stuff
    1. use OnCollisionEnter(Collision other) to check if the bullet hits an asteroid
      1. if hit asteroid,
        1. create 2-3 fragments
        2. destroy bullet and asteroid
        3. add 5 to score
      2. if hit fragment
        1. destroy bullet and fragment
        2. add 2 points to score
      3. if hit player
        1. destroy bullet
        2. subtract 5 points for hitting the player
    2. Create UI to show score
    3. Create end game
      1. instead of subtracting score, subtract player health, if player health <= 0, game over
    4. Create buttons to quit and to restart


The Assignment

  1. Create particles that...
    1. follow your ship
    2. get smaller over lifetime
    3. change color over lifetime
    4. have noise
  2. Add obstacles to your level
  3. Create a build of your game


SuperAsteroids2.0.zip 28 MB
eleeIS wk8H.zip 28 MB

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